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Everywhere you turn, it seems like there’s someone who wants to give you some type of business advice. They want to tell you what product or service you should use, how you should use them and how you will benefit. But in most cases, their knowledge is limited to their product or service, and that’s it. When you get advice from someone who doesn’t have experience and skills in your specific industry, they can’t possibly be efficient in fixing your problems or building strategies to take advantage of your particular opportunities.  And be vary wary of any coach or consultant where the only business they’ve ever been successful at is their consulting business.  You’ve got real-world issues, and you need someone working with you that can lend real-world skills and experience.  That’s what you get with us.  Successful owners and executives of thriving businesses other than this one, who have been “in your chair” and grown businesses of all types and sizes.  Simply stated, we can help you with things you’re dealing with in your specific business.  With the Breakout team in your corner, you won’t just get a fish, you will learn how to fish. You see, Business Coaches have a vested interest in seeing you succeed, because if you don’t succeed, neither do they.

To give you an idea of how we can help, we regularly publish articles to our Business Skills Development Series to help owners and executives like you in dealing with a cross-section of issues and skills that will help you move your business forward.  Please take some time and read through the articles that deal with your biggest issues, and let us know if we can answer any questions…

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