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Small Business Growth. Achieved.

We specialize in marketing, sales, profitability, growth, hiring, training, planning, policies and procedures for your small business. Through consulting, we help you manage your business challenges, help you identify your opportunities and take full advantage of them to ensure steady business growth. And when business coaching is done right – it should never cost you a dime so don’t worry about what costs, but consider instead what it’s costing you NOT to have the help of a business coach who consistently delivers effective, measurable results.


Values, Capability and Availability.

We offer the same standard of professionalism in business coaching and consulting as you would expect in other executive business services such as law, accountancy and finance. We are highly experienced and specifically qualified, with a solid mix of compassion, drive and perspective. Our clients are spread across the United States and the english-speaking world, and our interactions are conducted via telephone, email, video conference and digital media. We’re available on a scheduled basis that meets the requirements of our clients responsibilities, and on-demand in time critical situations as needed.


A Relationship of Trust.

We believe that the relationship with our clients must be confidential, professional and contractual. Interactions are completely private, and the details clients share with us about themselves and their business are kept in strict confidence. Often times the relationship is kept hidden from client’s staff, and we are committed to facilitate interactions at scheduled intervals to maintain that ability. Our relationship with each client is kept strictly professional and is governed by a simple written agreement which, in addition to confirming our guarantee, states unequivocally that there will be measureable positive results from the relationship with us.


Introduction: Michael P. Berry

Michael P. Berry, Business Coach

I specialize in marketing, sales, profitability, growth, hiring, training, planning, policies and procedures. Whether in person or over the phone, through expert consulting I help manage your challenges and identify your opportunities – and make sure you take full advantage of them. We’ll work closely to improve your business skills through my experience, and create significant positive change in your company.

My singular mission is to help you find paths to success in your own way, and ensure that you enjoy the process so that the skills and strategies become woven into the fabric of how you run your business.

Too often, business owners start out in the direction of their goals – but soon find themselves drifting off course, falling short because they’re not doing the things they know they should be.

Ask yourself this question: “Do I spend more time working IN my business than I do ON my business?” If the answer is ‘yes’…what you really own is a “job”, and that’s a problem.

To help you avoid that pitfall, I have a developed, refined and documented process that ensures effective outcomes with measurable results. Every client, every time.

And when business coaching is done right, it should never cost you a dime. The improvements in your business will far outpace the cost of working with me to achieve them, so instead of worrying about the cost…consider instead what it’s costing you not having the help of a seasoned business expert who consistently delivers effective, measurable results. And then give me a call and let’s set up a complimentary initial consultation.

I look forward to hearing from you soon, and to the possibility of working together to affect meaningful change for you and your business.

My goal is to provide accelerated results with minimal frustration – and you’ll find I do that exceptionally well.



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