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Getting Expert Advice from Experienced Entrepreneurs is a Huge Advantage for Small Business Owners

Everywhere you turn, there is somebody trying to give you advice about your business. So-called business coaching gurus telling you what product or service you should buy or sell, where you should advertise and how you should handle your competitors. Most of these so-called experts want you to buy a product or service from them, but when asked they cannot give you specific examples of how they have used that product or service successfully – either for themselves or for their clients. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to speak with someone that has actually been successful in business, and is now helping business owners like yourself to benefit from those years of experience and success?

If you want truly useful, beneficial and transformational business advice you need an expert with a demonstrated record of success in personally building companies other than their business coaching. Most so-called business coaches simply try to churn through short engagements with as many clients as possible, knowing that without measurable results those clients tend to cancel by the second or third month. Not us.

With us you’ll be working with business experts that have been trained and coached with the best systems and techniques available, and have put those skills to work both for themselves in personal business ventures and also in long-term, successful relationships with business coaching clients. You get a relationship that not only solves your problems, but educates you on developing the solution so that you can fix them yourself in the future.

We don’t just give you the fish…we teach you how to fish like an expert.

At Breakout Consulting, we have a sincere, vested interest in your success. Our business consulting agreements are month-to-month from day one – with no long term commitment required. Other business consulting firms try to lock you in for six months, a year or longer because they know most clients will want out after 60-90 days with no results. Unlike our competitors, your commitment to our relationship comes from measurable improvements in what we set out to work on together. Our clients stay with us because after the first 30 days, effective business coaching doesn’t cost you a penny from your own pocket. The consulting fee should be covered easily each month thereafter by a mere fraction of the improvements that are made in the business. If you don’t succeed – neither should your business coach.

Here are some of the areas where we will help you:

Running the Day-to-Day Business

Management, financial and operational issues are key to building a successful business. Most business owners start their own company because they have skills in a particular area. Landscapers, accountants, construction. They are experts in their product or service, but very few new business owners start their business with the “CEO” skills that are required to grow beyond the initial phase. As your business consultant, we bring decades of experience to help you organize your finances and teach you how to measure and manage sales, marketing, operations and other key areas of the business. If you have employees, we will show you how to build a successful team and develop training systems to ensure that business always gets done the way you would do it yourself if you could do it all – which you can’t. We’ll show you why understanding that is absolutely critical to the growth of your business.

Growing Your Business

We will show you how to effectively grow your business. We’ll give you the tools and skills necessary to find new customers, get current customers to buy more and/or more often, and work with you to develop strategies to be the most competitive choice for your product or service. We’ll show you how to find new opportunities within your existing business and open new revenue streams. And we’ll teach you how to manage the growth of your business so that you never risk losing the trust of your buyers due to quality or service issues.

Telling You What You NEED To Hear

A big problem for many business owners is that they seek advice from employees or peers that only tell them what they want to hear. With us, you’ll always hear what you need to hear in order to make sound, timely business decisions. Before you release a new product or service, or start a new marketing campaign or hire / fire key positions in your organization – we will act as a sounding board and provide guidance based on decades of success in every industry you can think of. We will show you how to consider the pros and cons of your idea and determine how it will affect operations and profitability so you can decide whether or not to move forward, and when.

Accountability and Motivation

Sometimes the most valuable service that we provide as your business coach is accountability and motivation. Many business owners come to us knowing what they should be doing, but simply failing to follow through. Setting goals isn’t enough. You need an effective plan that guides you step by step, motivating you to implement the tactics that will lead to successful achievement of those goals. And sometimes you just need someone to hold you accountable when you fail in the follow-through. Because of the nature of your relationship with us, that’s usually something you can’t get anywhere else in your current support system.

So, whether you currently own a business or are thinking of starting one, working with us will give you access to trustworthy, effective, insightful and timely business advice. To demonstrate our commitment to you and your success, a free initial consultation is just a few mouse clicks or a phone call away. We can work on anything you’d like in that first session, you’ll come away with an actionable plan for your challenge or opportunity, and we’ll underwrite the entire cost to show you how valuable this relationship will be for you. At the end of that session, if you don’t feel like this is a good fit for you – we’ll part company as friends and wish you well. Otherwise it will be our pleasure to get to work right away helping you begin to improve all areas of your business.

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