Three Things Customers Are Not Telling You…

May 29, 2018


Customers lie.

They do it all the time. They don’t do it to hurt your feelings, rather they do it to protect your feelings and avoid confrontation with you. Have you ever thought all was well with a client, and even asked them how things were going and had them tell you “great”…and then, without any reason or warning, they were gone? That customer didn’t tell you there was a problem, but there were warning signs that you missed. There always are, and identifying the things customers are not telling you is critical to your success with them. Here are three examples of what your customers really want, but will never tell you:

They want to know that you UNDERSTAND their business.

When you pitch a new client, is your first statement “I’d like to know more about your business”? If not, you’ve just significantly reduced your chances of getting that sale. Most salespeople start by immediately talking about their product or service and how well it performs, not understanding that they just offended the client because they didn’t make the effort to learn about them first. Customers want to know that you understand their business before they’ll listen to how your product or service is good for them. But they won’t tell you that, they just won’t hire you or buy from you. When you go in and start with you, it’s just another sales pitch and it doesn’t matter what you’re selling. Instead, start by demonstrating that you’re interested in knowing more about their business and their needs, and then relate how your product or service serves that need. They won’t tell you, but what they want is for you to focus on them, instead of you. Do that, and everything you say afterward becomes more important.

They want to know that you VALUE their business.

Always say “thank you”, and make sure your staff does as well. More customers will tell people that they’re happy with your company because of the kindness and gratitude you show them than they ever will about their satisfaction with your product or service. Always treating them with an outward showing of how much you appreciate their business will solidify their loyalty and make it far less likely that a competitor will steal them away, even at a cheaper price. Take the time to send notes or make “thank you” calls, and make them as specific to that customer as you can. Be as appreciative as possible and they’ll show you tremendous loyalty in return.

They want to know that you’ll BE THERE if they need you.

A third of consumers say they experience rude customer service at least once a month, and 2/3 of them tell people about it. An unhappy customer is far more likely to share their negative experience than a happy client is to share their positive one. This is exactly how word of mouth can kill your company’s reputation over the long term. It’s very important to be “present” when customers are trying to resolve an issue they have with your company. Listen, be patient and reassure them that you’ll handle it quickly and effectively. People expect to have problems, but the more comfortable they are in sharing that problem with you, and the more satisfied they are in the way you resolve it, the less likely they are to ever buy your product or service somewhere else.

Pay attention to the things customer’s are NOT telling you, and build relationships with those clients for life.


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