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Are You Focusing on the Right Things?

During the start-up phase it’s called ‘boot strapping’ and it is essential.  Resources are usually pretty tight.  Once established, the desire to do it all stems from the feeling that no one else can do it as well.  Likewise, a general lack of planning and discipline and focus on business issues can have you holding the bag more often than you’d like. Business is a continuum.  Time waits for no one and you are either moving forward or you are losing ground.  In either case, a lack of focus can inhibit one and accelerate the other.  It’s not a matter of having more time to get everything done…it’s a matter of doing the right things at the right time.  If focus has been a battle for you, here are six of the most common reasons why business owners don’t stay focused – and what to do about that so you can actually achieve the results you’re looking for. 1.  Lack of a Clear Vision: Neurologically, focus is a contest between your conscious and subconscious mind.  The conscious mind is in charge of communication, logic and decision making.  It controls about 6% of your total brain activity.  The subconscious, on the other hand, controls all of your bodily functions, your feelings, emotions, thoughts, behaviors and habits which make up the remaining 94% of your brain.  Everything you have experienced in your life is stored in your subconscious just waiting to be recalled as a recognizable experience shows up. For this reason, having a clear, complete vision of what you want your business to be is essential to keeping your mind focused on activities that lead to that end result.  If you do not have a vision statement with all the relevant specifics (time frames, revenue levels, profits, brand, identity, facility and staff needs and size of client base, etc) you are allowing your focus to be swayed by a multitude of distractions and false opportunities.  Once you write out your vision, create a bulleted list in large letters and display it everywhere you work.  Seeing it on a regular basis trains your subconscious to start looking for things that support good focus habits. 2. ‘Screaming Baby’ Syndrome- A Constant State of Overwhelm: Overwhelm stems from two things:  Not knowing what to do, and having too many things demanding your attention.  It’s one of the most arresting feelings known to man and if

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