Is it the Economy, or is it YOU?

May 22, 2018

poor economy

Do you think your sales & marketing results are terrible simply because of a poor economy?

If so, think again. Many companies are achieving better results now than ever before.


The Winners and Losers

Those organizations that are investing in improving their sales & marketing skills are seeing a significant return on their investment. They’re the winners. So it should come as no surprise that those that are cutting development budgets and staff members due to the ‘poor economy’ are the ones who are seeing declining results — the losers.

Is your organization a winner or a loser?

How to Become a Winner

Here are some ways to increase your sales & marketing results, no matter what the economy is doing:

More Business Is Out There, But You Have To Go Get It

Are you sitting at your desk waiting for the phone to ring with a customer on the other end? This strategy may have worked five years ago, but now it’s the companies that are skillfully churning out new prospects — and asking for more business from the clients they already have — that are reaping the rewards. How many new prospects have you contacted this month?

Be Grateful and Responsive

Are you properly thanking your customers? Are you sending thank you letters (not just receipts), making thank you calls, thanking them personally? Doing so lets them know how important their business is to you. This is so important in terms of receiving future business from your clients that it cannot be overstated. Do you have a formal program in place to achieve this?

Build Lasting Relationships

Are you regularly receiving contact from new clients that were referred by existing ones? What are you doing to foster and build relationships with your customers that will lead them to suggest your product or service to others? When you build strong, lasting relationships with your clients, you create a social framework for years of future referrals. How many raving fans have you created for your business this year?

Invest in your Skills

Have you increased or decreased your training budget this year? Are you even providing training for your staff? When was the last time you personally attended training? It’s crucial to continually invest in skills and strategy improvement for you and your staff.


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