Your Customers Are Looking Online For You…But Who Will They Find?

June 19, 2018


The digital age is in full swing, but many small business owners still don’t “get it”

Most small businesses still don’t have a website. Usually it’s the perceived cost of registering a domain name, setting up hosting, developing the website and then maintaining it that keeps them from taking advantage of the most powerful marketing medium ever invented. What they don’t know is how inexpensive it really is, and more importantly — what NOT making this small investment in their business is actually costing them.

In today’s marketplace, customers are looking online and are far more likely to start their buying process there than anywhere else. In the eyes of that buyer, you not having a website pretty much takes you out of the equation. When they Google™ your product or service, all they see is your competitors. Sure there might be some local business or review sites where you are listed, but you really can’t control that content like you can on your own website. And you can’t be dynamic in leading the marketing race for your product or service, or react effectively to the efforts of your competitors.

Having a professionally designed, user friendly and functional website is part of today’s measure of how successful your business is. So to those business owners that have gone the route of the free (or way too cheap) “cookie-cutter” template website, ask yourself this: “Would I print out that website and hand it to my customers like a brochure?” Of course you wouldn’t. When you create print media for your company you use professional resources to create a polished look for your brand. Or at least, you should. So where is the sense in allowing the public face of your business on the most customer trafficked medium there is look like your 8 year old nephew threw it together?

If you haven’t done so, it’s time you took the importance of a great online presence seriously.

Businesses without a website — or with a cheap looking and non-functional one — can have the effect of making potential customers think that you’re not making enough money to afford a good one and they might wonder if doing business with you puts them at risk. In today’s competitive market that could mean the difference between losing money again next quarter, and becoming the fastest growing source for your product or service.

Of course the most important reason to have a great website is that it provides significant opportunities for high ROI marketing, and a great deal of FREE exposure. A professional website optimized for SEO lands you a spot in organic (free) search results for your product or service keywords, and the better the content in your site, the higher you rank in those results. There is also the option under the right circumstances for paid placement on the results page, and the better your site and content, the less you’ll have to pay to show up at the very top of page one.
There are other important considerations as well, such as expanding your customer base beyond the reach of your physical locations. Even Wal-Mart™ can’t open a store in every location where there are buyers of their products, so their online presence reaches where their stores can’t. The right website will give you the ability to sell to anyone, anywhere there is demand for your product or service.

Your potential customers are looking online for the products and services that you sell.

Will they find you, or your competitors?


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