Six Sure-Fire Ways to Drive Customers Away

August 7, 2018

customer service

With all the marketing initiatives and sales promotions they focus on, many companies simply don’t ‘get’ that they have neglected to put customer service systems in place to avoid sabotaging their customer base. In fact, there are an astounding number of companies that by their actions seem motivated to degrade, separate, piss off and eventually lose their customers. As you read this, consider whether you are making these same mistakes.

Here are six sure-fire ways you’ll drive them away if you’re not careful:


1. Try to sell them something they already buy from you (as if it were something new). Without fail, each week we get an offer from someone trying to sell us something that we already buy from them. This amounts to wasted marketing dollars, and even worse – it shows a real lack of appreciation for the business the customer is already giving you.

2. Inconsistency in your delivery. Have you ever gone to a restaurant that was great, only to be disappointed when you went back with family and friends? Inconsistency breeds a sheer lack of confidence in your ability to deliver.

3. Raising prices has a tendency to drive off some of your customers, resulting in the opposite effect you intended for your bottom line. (To be fair, this one also has a bit of an up-side, too. The up-side is that if your product or service is fantastic, raising prices will allow you to increase your profit and the only customers you’re likely to drive away are the “price shoppers” that make up the bulk of your headaches anyway.)

4. Responding slowly… a GREAT way to lose valued customers. I once responded to an advertisement for an online marketing company, and it took them a week to call me back. How could a company that focuses on marketing be that slow in responding? Obviously, a relationship with that company never developed.

5. Providing “Specials” that apply to NEW customers only. Nothing says “I value our long standing relationship and the loyalty you’ve shown us” as poorly as offering to sell your product or service to a brand new client for less than you’re charging your oldest, most loyal ones.

6. Perceived indifference – the most important in this list. You have invested good money in acquiring your customers, so you absolutely must treat them like gold by staying in touch with them and reminding them how much they mean to you. The key to retaining clients is to make them feel special, and keep them feeling that way.

In terms of new potential clients, it’s absolutely true that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Those initial defining moments are often the determining factor in whether or not a client decides to do business with you, so it is imperative that you make each first impression count. When a potential client makes first contact – by email, phone, IM, social media or in person – everything you do and say will have a lasting impact on their perception of who you are, how you operate, your commitment to customer service etc. It is critically important to ensure that this impact is positive and reassuring, and never the opposite. From there forward, treat them with all of the care and concern required to keep them happy and that will keep them buying.

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