Does Your INTERNAL Customer “Get It?”

July 24, 2018

communicating with staff

Effectively communicating with staff about business strategy is about selling the outcome, not the justification for its existence.

You’ve created a master business strategy, but can you successfully communicate it to your staff so that it generates significant buy-in?  Or,  does it simply bounce off, boring your team and then gathering dust as they fail to execute it?

Any good business coach will tell you that companies poised for significant growth must constantly change and adapt to both market and internal forces.  As such, they should perform regular monthly strategic reviews.

There are 6 key outcomes to achieve from any strategy review, which you must regularly reinforce with your staff.

Again, the purpose is communication of the outcome, rather than justification for its existence.

Use bullet lists and diagrams to create communicable messages that all your employees  can absorb and, more importantly – execute.  The format is designed to act as a guide to inspire and motivate your staff, giving them a clear direction and the basic guidance needed to allow them to make smart decisions on the fly, utilizing their individuality and intelligence to achieve a common team goal.  Cut to the chase, allowing staff to get on board and get it done.

The six components:

Value Proposition Statement
• Success in the language of the customer
• A story which encapsulates your value proposition

Goal Statement
• “Define” success for the business

The Business Model Diagram
• How your business operates (one page)

 One Page Business Plan
|• Key milestones
• Outcomes that create success

Your Brand
• Culture statements
• Values List

Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
• Pre-emptive strategy against any type of competition

So, your internal customers are not only just as important as the external variety, they are sometimes even more important.  You are aware that providing excellent customer service is a strong component of successful company operations.  However you may not be as knowledgeable regarding the key strategic nature of offering superior internal customer service.  Fear not.  This lack of understanding is often caused by a simple lack of communication and education.

Although many companies stress the critical nature of internal customer service, most still do not.  Consider adopting superior internal customer service as a business priority, as you will find that it can do more to improve company operations than just about any other initiative you set in motion.

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