How to Choose the RIght Business Coach

April 10, 2018

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Ever felt like your accountant is speaking a different language? Or that your bank manager doesn’t understand the first thing about your business? What about your business coach? Ask yourself honestly, are they really helping you achieve your business goals? A coaching relationship has to be more than just scheduled “chats” about the problems in your business. If there is a big disparity between what you think your coach should be doing for you – and what they’re actually able to deliver – it’s critical for you to narrow that gap, even if it means replacing your coach.

Most businesses have the involvement of at least one coach, consultant, mentor or advisor. How much you need from them is entirely dependent on the size and complexity of your business, the current state of your skill set and the goals you’ve set for your company. It’s one thing to recognize the need for professional advice (which everyone needs), but it’s even more important to work with someone who can actually service those needs.

Important factors in choosing the right business coach are:


Your coach needs to fully understand your business, and you need to understand the advice they give. You need to be clear as to whether you need a coach with experience in your industry, or someone who can convey more specific skill sets such as marketing, sales, profitability, hiring etc.


Good communication is a must. You have to choose who you hire to advise you, so set strict selection criteria to ensure effective communication:

– Are you comfortable working with the coach?
– Are you confident in the advice they give you?
– Do they simplify issues and help you break them down into manageable tasks?
– Do they speak in a way you can follow and clearly understand?
– Are they on-time for scheduled appointments and do they respond promptly when you contact them?


Rates charged by business coaches and advisors varies greatly. Are the rates you’ve been quoted in line with industry standards? What about guarantees? Is your coach willing to stand behind their work to your complete satisfaction?


What previous experience does your coach have, and what is their business background? Have they been successful in their own business ventures? Find out what types of business owners they’ve coached in the past, and what type of results they’ve achieved for them. Ask for references.


Speak to at least three coaches before making your decision. Contrast the strengths of each coach and then decide which one will best serve your needs. Even if the first one you meet seems great, how will you know unless you compare?


Once you choose a business coach, make sure there is a clear agreement stating how the relationship will work, what the arrangements are in terms of meetings, correspondence, tracking etc. Lay out your expectations, and find out what the coach will expect from you. Doing so will allow you to make the best decision possible when selecting a trusted advisor to guide you to your business goals.


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